Microsoft 365 Price Increase – What’s up with that?

Over the past 10 years, Microsoft has added a huge amount of new features to Microsoft 365. Services such as SharePoint and Teams have significantly broadened the possibilities for users. For the first time in a decade, Microsoft is now going to raise prices a bit. In addition, the software giant introduces changes to subscription terms.

As of March 1st, 2022, prices will increase for the following six products:

  • Office 365 Plan E1
  • Office 365 Plan E3
  • Office 365 Plan E5
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft 365 Plan E3

On average, the price increase is around 20% but in some cases it can be UP TO 30%. The new prices will apply to all new orders you place on & after March 1st.

New Commerce Experience: 

Monthly vs Yearly Subscriptions

Besides the price increase, Microsoft is changing the license terms to what they call the “New Commerce Experience”.

From March 1st you can choose from the following three subscription terms:

  • Monthly Subscription
    You can change the number of licenses every month, but this option is 20% more expensive than an annual subscription.
  • Yearly Subscription
    You commit yourself for a year, paying a fixed amount upfront every year
  • 3 Year Subscription (Coming Soon)
    In the near future, it is also possible to lock in your subscription for 3 years by paying for 3 years upfront, enabling you to keep a fixed price for 3 years. We will inform you when this option is available.

Please note the following:

  • Licenses cannot be downgraded to a lower plan during the license period
  • Upgrading licenses to a higher plan during the subscription period is still possible
  • Increasing licenses is possible during subscription period. Decreasing licenses is not possible.

Next Steps

Do you have an existing yearly Microsoft 365 subscription?

  • If you renew with us before March 1st, we can lock your existing price for another 12 months.

Do you have an existing monthly Microsoft 365 subscription?

  • We can help you convert them to yearly (annual) subscriptions before March 1st, to prevent the additional 20% price increase.

Renew Early and get a 5% DISCOUNT on annual subscription

From January to February 2022 you can get a 5% discount on an annual subscription. And if you choose a new monthly subscription between January and June 2022, you pay the same price per month as with an annual subscription. (Existing monthly subscriptions excluded)

These promotions are valid for a maximum of 2,400 workplaces.

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