Connection with your team

Convenient Samrt

   A new style to increase productivity

Simply and Clean Layout

Web site style let you announce news and events to your teams easily.

Cloud Storage

At least 1TB Cloud storage to store your company files. Everybody can access those files within your organization. You don’t need to host or rent any file server for your company.

New method to store record

SharePoint also can be record table. You can create a table/list there without creating an Excel file / Access database. If you want, you also can export those data to Excel.


Combined with Microsoft Powerapp, SharePoint can be the database to store data.


Using Hub site technology, you can create your own Intranet. Integrate all departments and teams.


Company department


Navigation item

You can also edit the navigation bar display and add some web parts to your SharePoint team site just like website design.

Extra cost? No!

When you starting in Office 365, it is already included within your license. You don’t need to pay extra fee to enjoy this feature.

Therefore we are more than happy to talk to you in person, either at your location or via Skype.

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