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Premium IT Support

Let us manage your IT

IT support used to happen onsite. Whenever you had an issue, you had to wait until the next appointment with your IT support company. If you were lucky they could come next day, but it could also take until next week.

Those days are over
Take your IT Support to the next level with AccessOrange Premium Support services.

Unlike our competitors we aim to solve 99% of all your problems remotely. That is not only more convenient, but it also allows us to provide a better service for a lower price.

We provide support while you are at work, travelling or at home

Any Location

No more waiting for the next appointment. Our team will remote connect to your computer to solve your issues, whether you are at work, travelling or at home.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Since we do not have to travel to your location, we can lower our support fee significantly. Contact us to find out how much.

Instant Help from our Experts

Instant help from our Experts

Our remote team is Microsoft certified and has experience with a wide variety of systems an software. There is no problem they cannot find a solution for!

Let us handle your IT, so you can focus on your business

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Dedicated Support Portal

AccessOrange Provides a dedicated support portal for your team where they can chat with our support, file a ticket.

A built-in knowledgebase provides the most commonly asked questions and solutions related to products such as Office 365.

The portal is available in English and Chinese language.

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Microsoft 365 Premium Support

Do you have your own IT staff in-house but you are looking for support on Microsoft 365? No problem!

We have a dedicated Microsoft 365 Premium Support contract, helping you support all your users with any Microsoft 365 related questions or issues.

We help you manage your cloud

AccessOrange can help you manage and support your cloud infrastructure, whether it is hosted in the public or private cloud.

We monitor existing infrastructure performance, capacity and security.

Our dedicated team is located in multiple locations, enabling us to provide 24/7 support to our cloud support customers.

We help you manage your cloud systems


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We are more than happy to talk to you in person, either at your location or via Skype.

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