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Protect your organization against Ransomware

Make sure your business will not be the next one to appear on the news

Ransomware Infection Alert

Two Hong Kong travel agencies were hacked this week, having their company information held ransom, seeking a payout in bitcoin.

In the past weeks, similar incidents have happened with other companies, severely impacting their business.

Don’t become the next victim

AccessOrange can help you implement the tools that protect your network and your data.

Malwarebytes Anti-Ransom Protection

Protect your computers against ransom and malware infections with multi-layered, cloud-managed security via a single agent.

Malwarebytes Alert Window

Due to its AI, Machine Learning capabilities, Malwarebytes proactively identifies unknown viruses and malware based on anomalous features from known good files, making it more effective than any other anti-virus software that is out there.

Cloud Based Platform

The Malwarebytes console provides centralized policy management and consolidated threat visibility across all endpoints. Also including asset management capabilities. (Monitoring which software has been installed on the computer).

Malwarebytes Cloud Console Screenshot

Protect Yourself,  Start Using it Today!