Limit the risk exposure to cyber threats

48% of breaches are malicious attacks

31% of organizations that had security incidents reported downtime of more than 8 hours

26% is the likelihood of a breach happening over 24 months

Whether you have an actual security incident, or you want to prepare your internal organization for unforeseen events, the AccessOrange Incident Response team can assist you in both cases.

In case there is a Security Incident, the AccessOrange Incident Response team can assist you with the entire process of incident response, from analysis through mitigation and removal. We will work together with your in-house IT department, enabling them to have access to expertise that will greatly reduce the remediation timeframe.

For businesses that want to be prepared, AccessOrange can assist in the development of a proper Security Incident Management process in order to be more proficient at threat detection and increase efficacy when responding to security incidents.