Businesses of all sizes are targets for cyberattacks and that makes
having the right protection and response plans so important. By adding
Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to your services,
our team will take your cybersecurity to the next level. With EDR, we
can deliver strong ransomware detection and response, better hunt for
threats in your environment, and do it all without interruptions to your
Our top priority is to keep you productive and safe, and that is why we are
adding Malwarebytes EDR as an offering. Malwarebytes EDR is a powerful
solution that enables our team to protect your endpoints and act quickly
and effectively should a threat present itself. Malwarebytes EDR is a
more holistic security approach than traditional endpoint protection and
provides sophisticated detection that can pinpoint and remediate threats,
as well as rollback ransomware that has already triggered.

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Key Benefits

Greater efficiency:

Malwarebytes EDR provides
a highly efficient solution,
so we always know the state
of your endpoint security
posture. As you grow, you
can trust our services to
scale and cover all your
devices with the same level
of service, keeping you
protected and resilient.

Maximize device

Malwarebytes EDR delivers
multi-layered protection
and automated remediation
to effectively safeguard
your endpoints and ensure
your business operations
runs smoothly, without
disruptive downtime from a
ransomware or other attack.
You can trust that your
devices are secure.
See what other
businesses say about
Malwarebytes on the
G2 Crowd Peer Review Site


Ransomware rollback

Ransomware is the biggest threat to businesses.
One successful attack is expensive, and studies show
that businesses face an average ransom of $247,000
with another $350,000 in recovery costs.* With
Malwarebytes EDR, you can alleviate these risks with
ransomware rollback capabilities. Malwarebytes uses
technology that allows rollbacks for up to 72 hours.
If you get infected, Malwarebytes simply backs out
device changes and restores files that were
encrypted, deleted, or modified.

Advanced threat hunting

With Malwarebytes EDR, our team can proactively
hunt for indicators of compromise (IOCs) and remove
threats before they have the chance to become
infections and disrupt your business. Cybersecurity
threats are complex and can leave behind remnants.

Malwarebytes EDR not only removes the obvious threat
but also thoroughly remediates every dynamic and
related artifact from the machine to provide permanent
disinfection. This also provides effective cleanup for
potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and potentially
unwanted modifications (PUMs).
The the security landscape is always evolving.
Malwarebytes EDR equips us with the key insights to
continuously improve your security posture.

Seamless protection

Improving your security can seem overwhelming;
however, implementing Malwarebytes EDR is seamless
and non-disruptive. We will have your solution
deployed within minutes so that you can enjoy
advanced endpoint protection, gain greater peace
of mind, and focus on your business growth.

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New Customers:
Switch to Malwarebytes Endpoint Security and Save 50% *

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