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Microsoft 365

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(Formerly Office 365)

Don’t let the Novel Coronavirus stop your business

Let your staff work from home with Microsoft 365

Files in the Cloud with SharePoint

Still having your files on a file server or NAS in the office? Migrate them to SharePoint and allow your staff to access them remotely using their computer or mobile phone.

Easily accessible for your team, they can collaborate together when working from home or in the office.

Real-time coediting feature lets you work on documents together.

Chat, Call and Video Meetings with Teams

Use Microsoft Teams to keep communicating with your staff while they are out of office.

Call your team members, or have a chat conversation with them to keep the business operations running.

Schedule Teams meetings with your staff, or even with your customers. (Teams can set up meetings with guests, no additional license required for your guests)

Outlook on any device

Email and Calendar in the Cloud

Still using a traditional IMAP mail server? Can’t get your calendar synced on all your devices if you are not in office?

Switch over to Exchange Online email from Microsoft 365 and get access to your emails, calendar, and contacts on all devices, anywhere and at any time.

Make plans and coordinate schedules by sharing calendars and seeing when your coworkers are available.

Let us help you migrate your data as soon as possible

AccessOrange has helped hundreds of organizations adopt Microsoft 365, enabling them to work from home in these challenging times.

Implementing Office 365 will help your organization to continue operations without being in office, which may be absolutely necessary for the coming time ahead.

If needed, we can help you migrate your data within this week! (Depending organization size)

Find out how Sunta Chemical works smarter with Microsoft 365

View the video below to learn how Sunta Chemical uses Microsoft 365 to improve teamwork, communication and work smarter together.

Outlook on any device

Moving your ERP to the Cloud

Are you still using an ERP system running on-premise in your office? No Problem!

We help you migrate your on-premise ERP or other systems to the cloud, enabling you to access your systems remotely as well.

We have experience with many different ERP systems migrations: Exact, Multiable, Dynamics NAV, MYOB and more. Contact us for more information.

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AccessOrange can assist you with the licensing and implementation of AdminDroid.
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