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Are you ready to take your daily office work to the next level with the incredible power of AI?

Microsoft has recently introduced Microsoft 365 Copilot, a new AI-powered productivity tool that can help you work more efficiently.

Here are some examples of how Copilot can help you in different Microsoft 365 apps:

Word: With only a brief prompt, Copilot in Word will create a first draft for you, bringing in information from across your organization as needed.

Excel: Copilot in Excel can analyze and transform data, making it easier for you to create charts and graphs.

PowerPoint: Copilot in PowerPoint can create a slide based on your content, and it will generate one for you.

Outlook: Copilot in Outlook can help you summarize and draft emails. Microsoft 365 Copilot is integrated into the apps you already use every day, freeing you to focus on the most important work and less on the busy work.

Discover how this cutting-edge AI technology can revolutionize your workflow, streamline tasks, and boost productivity like never before!

We recently organized a webinar to discuss and demonstrate how’s powerful Copilot it is.

We have recorded the webinar and it can be viewed online.

Topics covered:

  1. Latest AI Trends and Innovations
  2. Microsoft’s AI: Introducing Microsoft Copilot
  3. Copilot Demonstration
  4. Other Copilot Solutions Available: Teams Premium
  5. Q&A Session

Explore more about Copilot, check out our blog article: ChatGPT vs Microsoft Copilot: What is the difference? – AccessOrange

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