WorkPoint 365

Kickstart your SharePoint Online

WorkPoint 365

Kickstart your SharePoint Online with the ready-made solutions for Project Management, Case Management, HR Management and more. Efficient management of your business operations without spending a lot of time on your SharePoint implementation.

WorkPoint Introduction

WorkPoint 365 business-solution for SharePoint Online (Office 365) makes it easy to manage your business operations.

Business process solutions on SharePoint often takes a lot of custom development in order to get a good user experience. WorkPoint 365 is out-of-the-box solutions, making it easy and fast to take full advantage of SharePoint within Office 365.

WorkPoint 365 is a modular standard system, making it easy to add new functionality as you go, with no development or programming.

Project Management

Project Management

WorkPoint Project Management creates a central cockpit for managing all workflows and documentation in a project.

It is an efficient project management tool that provides a complete overview of all ongoing projects as well as the progress of each project.

HR Management

HR Management

Professional and systematic administration of employee cases, HR tasks and processes in SharePoint Online and Office 365.

With WorkPoint HR Management, it is easy for HR departments to create, maintain, save and retrieve documents on employee cases. The HR department can record employee related issues such as competencies, courses, certificates, medical documents, contracts and much more.

Case Management

Case Management

Intelligent solution for managing cross-organisational cases by providing e-mail and document management in SharePoint Online and Office 365.

WorkPoint supports efficient case management with document and email management across the organization. The result is a high and uniform quality in all ongoing cases, which facilitates the processes for routine tasks and helps in ensuring compliance with fixed procedures such as the GDPR.

Manage your Project Timeline, Documents and Communication

Track your project progress by managing project tasks. Organize your documents by project phase, and import your email communication into the project to ensure that every member is on the same page.

Stage Management controls the process

Intuitive stage management that guides the user safely and easily through all phases of the project.

Easy and quick archiving and retrieving of information

Automated and intelligent metatagging for efficient archiving and retrieval of e-mails and documents.

Portfolio Management

Efficient measuring of projects progress and optional export to Excel.

Work efficiently with template library

The well-organised template library ensures the workflow and quality of project documents.

WorkPoint Express

WorkPoint 365 Add-Ons

WorkPoint Express
– With the Express-plugin, you are able to structure all emails and documents in SharePoint from within Microsoft Outlook. As a result, Microsoft Outlook becomes the primary tool and intuitive front-end.

Email Manager 365
– An intelligent solution for email journaling with automated journaling of emails on Microsoft Azure cloud storage. Email Manager ensures that business-critical emails in Outlook are not lost. Intelligent email journaling can be used to claim compliance in a dispute.

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