“How to Sell Smarter with Dynamics 365 Sales” Webinar

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Want to learn more about Dynamics 365 Sales?

With the current economic challenges, it is important to have your sales team utilize their time and efforts in the most efficient way. Dynamics 365 Sales, with its AI infused features, can help achieve this goal and help your sales team focus on what’s important.

To explain how, we have organized a free webinar on how to utilize Dynamics 365 Sales to help your sales team sell smarter.

During this webinar, our consultant Jasmine Ye will explain the basic features of Dynamics 365, and will explain how Dynamics 365 can help your sales team get organized, via tracking capabilities, automatic reminders, opportunity grading via AI, but also by integrating Dynamics 365 in your existing Office 365.

Topics Covered:
What is Dynamics 365 for Sales?
Benefits for your Organization?
Demonstration Dynamics 365 “From Lead to Order”
Integration with Office 365
AI Assist Features

We have recorded the webinar and it can be viewed online.

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