Ongoing e-mail Scam targeting Office 365 Customers

Ongoing e-mail Scam targeting Office 365 Customers

Please be informed that there is an online email scam going on,
targeting Office 365 customers.

The scam starts with the following kind of email:

(Note: We have removed personal information from this screenshot)

The link in this email will redirect you to a “Fake” Office 365 Login.

When users enter their username and password, it will be sent directly to the hackers, and they will use the information to access your Office 365 account.

Please share this information with all your colleagues, to prevent any leak of sensitive information.

How to Identify if a OneDrive link is safe?

We understand that sometimes you are not sure whether a onedrive link in an email is safe. In general you can check whether the link is safe by hovering the mouse over the icon. In the case of this spam mail you can see the following:
You can see that the link will point to http//
Obviously this is NOT an Office 365 or Microsoft website.

If you are not sure about the origin of an email, always contact the sender first before opening the file.

Protect Yourself
Be aware of e-mail scams

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Protect your organization against Ransomware

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Ransomware Infection Alert

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In the past weeks, similar incidents have happened with other companies, severely impacting their business.

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