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AccessOrange helps businesses optimize their operations by utilizing smart technology and cloud solutions.

We enabled hundreds of businesses to work smarter by implementing solutions such as Office 365, Azure Cloud or Business Intelligence solutions.

AccessOrange has achieved the Microsoft Gold Partner competency, demonstrating its ability to meet Microsoft Corp. customers’ evolving needs in today’s mobile-first, cloud-first world.

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We helped many organizations like yours to migrate their email, files and data to Microsoft 365. Do you want us to help you too?

Apart from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office 365 also includes a lot of other useful applications:

One Drive & SharePoint cloud storage

  • 1TB storage for personal and organization individually
  • Access your files anytime, anywhere
  • Secure file access, even you store in cloud storage
  • Upload photos from any devices (Windows Phone, iOS/Android devices)
  • Allow editing file with your team at the same time
  • Allow syncing your file from cloud to your computer, and edit offline.

Outlook – E-Mail service

  • Outlook support different OS, E.g Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS
  • Using Exchange Online Server, at least 50GB personal storage for E-Mail account
  • E-Mail server is hosted by Microsoft, 24 hours monitoring by Microsoft
  • Using Microsoft cloud server to send/receive E-Mail, avoiding any E-Mail being lost
  • Integrated with calendar, get alert for every activity.

PowerApps – Framework for Mobile Apps development

  • Support iOS & Android OS, lower development cost
  • Using drag & drop features instead of writing program code
  • Customize your own Apps for your company with lower development costs
  • Support different data source, no any specific API for connection, E.g Power BI, Access, SharePoint List.

Flow – Automize your work flow

  • Automize every standard/regular work flow in your company, increase productivity
  • Construct workflow using drag & drop titles instead of program code
  • Customize your work flow for your company only
  • Combined with other Office 365 application, increase flexibility
  • E.g Using Flow to replace paper form application for approval. Once user submit the application in SharePoint, then Flow will notice approver by sending E-Mail. paperless and saving time.

Microsoft 365 Application Examples

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