Website Malware Removal

Don't wait until you get blacklisted

AccessOrange will help check your website and remove all malicious content from your website. Our Security Experts are available 24×7 to help you remove your website infection.  Don’t wait until your site gets blacklisted.

We Clean and Repair your Infected Website

Malware Infections

Hidden Redirections

Spam injections

Blacklist Removal

HK$ 500/Per Site  

Does google show you this message when you search for your website? Then your website has been hacked.

Website got infected with malware?

Google blocks your website?

Spam is showing on your website?

Websites that are hacked and infected with malware are a serious threat to your organization and your customers. If your site has been hacked or infected with malware or spam, you should act quickly to repair the damage and prevent your website being blacklisted.

AccessOrange can help identify the malware infection, clean up the infected files, and remove possible backdoors that the hackers have left behind to hack your website again in the future.

Besides cleaning the existing infections, we will also check your exisiting site for any security updates that are neccesary. If you are using a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla, frequent updates are necessary to block hackers from using known security issues.

Included in our Website Malware Removal service:

  • Step 1 - Infection Scanning

    Scanning your site for hidden malware and viruses (hidden Spam Links, Malware, Injection-iFrames, Scripts and redirections to 3rd party websites).

  • Step 2 - Malware Removal

    Cleaning up infected files, removing malware code from PHP, deleting scripts.

    Applying for Google Blacklist removal

  • Step 3 - Prevent future infections

    Updating WordPress or other CMS versions, hardening hosting configuration, updating cms templates, sliders.

Contact us now, and we can start cleaning your site immediately

HK$ 500/Per Site  

One Time Cost – No Monthly Expense

Same Day Service

Detailed report of Cleanup Actions

Security breaches or hacks do not happen very often; Most companies do not have neither procedures, nor the expertise in place to handle these cases. Working on these cases with an experienced partner makes sure that your organization has all the knowledge ready to tackle the breaches in the most effective manner.

The AccessOrange Incident Response team has come up with a standardized approach to handle incidents in such a way that we can identify, remediate and close these cases without losing valuable evidence.

The AccessOrange Incident Response team can also assist with ongoing investigations, such as analyzing evidence, system log files, audit tracks, and more.

Our Security Experts are available 24×7 to help you remove your website infection.  Don’t wait until your site gets blacklisted. Prevent yourself of losing your customers and search engine positions.

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