You have been hacked, now what?

How do I close the breach without throwing away crucial evidence?

How do I find our what has systems or data has been exposed?

How do I analyze the origin and extend of the attack?

Security breaches often have a tremendous impact on the organizations involved. In most cases all effort are put into closing the security breach, without taking into account the very valuable evidence that is left behind on the systems; Evidence which may be crucial for filing a legal case against the hackers.

Has your security been breached? Are you looking for an effective remediation without throwing away evidence?

Security breaches or hacks do not happen very often; Most companies do not have neither procedures, nor the expertise in place to handle these cases. Working on these cases with an experienced partner makes sure that your organization has all the knowledge ready to tackle the breaches in the most effective manner.

The AccessOrange Incident Response team has come up with a standardized approach to handle incidents in such a way that we can identify, remediate and close these cases without losing valuable evidence.

The AccessOrange Incident Response team can also assist with ongoing investigations, such as analyzing evidence, system log files, audit tracks, and more.