• Local storage (Local HDD) is built on disks that are local to the virtual server host. This provides improved disk read/write performance. The disks are built into a RAID configuration for redundancy and disk replacement and health monitoring.
  • ** 25GB Storage can only be ordered in combination with Linux. For Microsoft Windows Server, the first HDD needs to be at least 100 GB.
  • SAN Storage is built on SAN infrastructure rather than the local host storage. This provides greater resiliency in the event of a host failure and can also support much larger volumes. In the event of a host failure, cloud servers using SAN-based storage will be automatically migrated to other hosts and restarted.

  • AccessOrange enabled backups are using Evault, which provides reliable, easy-to-use, enterprise-class backup and recovery solutions. The backup solution utilizes Evault's Infostage line of product. Infostage is a full-automated server-to-agent, disk-to-disk backup technology. Some of the many features include compression, customizable encryption schemes, and Evault's delta technology. The backup agent can be managed from a downloadable desktop agent or through a webserver hosted in our data center. Backups can be completely customized on what to backup, how long to keep the data, when the backups run, and encryption schemes

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Cloud Servers


Flexible Resources at your Disposal
• Choice of Linux or Windows Operating System
• Scale CPU, Memory and Harddisk to your needs
• Full root/administrative access
• Dedicated IP address(es)
• Datacenters in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Europe

Migration Services


Migrating from on premise or existing cloud? Let us handle it!

Our migration services include:
• Server configuration
• Data migration
• Creating import/export scripts
• Security checks

Prices start as low as HKD 500.00*

* Depending on the scope of the requested migration activities