Cloud Servers, Flexible Resources at your disposal

Choose your operating system: Windows Server, Linux

Configure CPU, Memory and Harddisk to your requirements

Full root/administrative access

Dedicated IP address(es)

Datacenters in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and United States and The Netherlands

Resource Flexibility

Scale your server performance to the needs of your business operations with the “flexible resource pool” of a Cloud Server. (For example: Increase your Cloud server memory or CPU during busy periods, or scale down in “low” seasons.)

Up to Date Technology

By renting a Cloud There is “no capital investment” required to buy computer hardware. Cloud Servers are based on a “subscription service” that you pay on a monthly basis. Server you will not be depending on old hardware or software. Simply upgrade to a latest operating system by changing your Cloud Server configuration.
Stay Secure

Our Cloud Infrastructure is set up in a secure co-located environment in datacenters around the world, equipped with redundant hardware and RAID equipped SAN storage. Besides that we offer the option for an off-site backup and or encryption of your cloud server data when needed.

Let the Experts do the Work

Benefit from the knowledge and experience from our cloud experts. Managing Cloud Servers and the infrastructure is our daily business. Let us take care of your system environment so you can do what you do best: Running your business!

Server rack with servers

Configure and order your server online.

Pricing starts at USD 29 per Server/Month